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Alternative forms[edit]


From wrong one


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wrong 'un (plural wrong 'uns)

  1. (UK, derogatory, slang) A dishonest or disreputable person; a crook or rogue.
    • 2000, Gilda O'Neill, My East End: Memories of Life in Cockney London
      We might not have had that much to pinch, but they'd still have your brass candlesticks off the mantelpiece. There's always wrong 'uns, in every walk of life, who'll have whatever you've got from under your nose.
    • 2007, The Guardian 5th Jan 2007, G2 p. 3
      Some reasons why Naseem Hamed might have been stripped of his MBE for speeding, where acknowledged wrong 'uns Jeffrey Archer, Shirley Porter and Mark Thatcher kept their honours.
  2. (cricket) A googly.
  3. (horse-racing) A horse deliberately held back in order to lose a race.

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