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The etymology is uncertain but it is linked to Bernard Bosanquet, who developed such a delivery. It may be important that the word was first reported during one of his New Zealand matches.


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googly (plural googlies)

  1. (cricket) A ball, bowled by a leg-break bowler, that spins from off to leg (to a right-handed batsman), unlike a normal leg-break delivery.
    • 1904, P. F. Warner, How We Recovered the Ashes, quoted in Sidney J. Baker, The Australian Language, second edition, 1966, chapter XI, section 4, page 248:
      Bosanquet can bowl as badly as anyone in the world; but when he gets a length, those slow googlies, as the Australian players call them, are apt to paralyse the greatest players.


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googly (comparative googlier, superlative googliest)

  1. Of the eyes, bulging.

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