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From Anglo-Norman, from Old French delivrer.



delivery ‎(plural deliveries)

  1. The act of conveying something.
    The delivery was completed by four.
    delivery of a nuclear missile to its target
  2. The item which has been conveyed.
    Your delivery is on the table.
  3. The act of giving birth
    The delivery was painful.
  4. (baseball) A pitching motion.
    His delivery has a catch in it.
  5. (baseball) A thrown pitch.
    Here is the delivery; ... strike three!
  6. The manner of speaking.
    The actor's delivery was flawless.
  7. (medicine) administration of a drug
    Drug delivery system.
  8. (cricket) A ball bowled.
  9. (curling) The process of throwing a stone.
  10. (genetics) Process of introducing foreign DNA into host cells.


Derived terms[edit]