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From lançar (to launch) +‎ -mento; cognate with Galician lanzamento.



  • Hyphenation: lan‧ça‧men‧to


lançamento m (plural lançamentos)

  1. launch; release (the act of launching: presenting something for the first time)
    Fui assistir ao lançamento do meu filme favorito.
    I went watch the release of my favourite film.
  2. a product presented for the first time
    Os novos lançamentos da nossa loja não venderam bem.
    The new products in our store didn’t sell well.
  3. launch; hurl (the act of launching: throwing something with great force)
    Synonyms: arremesso, lanço, lance
    Lançamento de dardos é um desporto.
    Javelin throw is a sport.
  4. (nautical) launch (the act of launching: releasing a watercraft into the water)
  5. (astronautics) launch (the act of launching: flying a rocket out of the ground)

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