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Alternative forms[edit]


From French chébec, from Spanish xabeque (modern jabeque) or Catalan xabec, ultimately from Arabic شَبَّاك (šabbāk, small warship, fishing boat).



xebec (plural xebecs)

  1. A small, three-masted Mediterranean transport ship.
    • 1784, Samuel Ancell, A Circumstantial Journal of the Long and Tedious Blockade and Siege of Gibraltar:
      [] she then tacked and stood again for the garrison, when a third frigate and a xebec pushed out, and likewise dropped to leeward, while the cutter kept her course []
    • 1822, William James, The naval history of Great Britain from the declaration of war by France in February 1793 to the accession of George IV in January 1820, volume 4:
      Being on contrary tacks, the two parties closed fast; and, when about four miles apart, the Halcyon discovered the strangers to be an armed ship, brig, and xebec.
    • 1963, Thomas Pynchon, V:
      Winter. The green xebec whose figurehead was Astarte, goddess of sexual love, tacked slowly into the Grand Harbour.