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Alteration of "piece X" read upside down.


xerclod (plural xerclods)

  1. (rare) A parallelogram-shaped connector in a model rocket assembly.
    • 2000, "Scott D. Orr", Re: Questions about Boost Glider Boosts [Again--Someone answer, please!] (on newsgroup rec.models.rockets)
      There could be some side-to-side movement, because the piece the glider fuselage was cut from is actually a bit narrower than the piece the pod pylon was cut from (and I think the xerclod is a bit narrower than the fuselage, though I've built that part up with tape).
    • 2000, "Rhhickok", Re: Motor mount burn through (on newsgroup rec.models.rockets)
      Each side of the BT-60 had 2 xerclods (short lengths of 1/8" dowels) to hang the gliders on.
    • 2002, "Bob Kaplow", RMR FAQ part 8.2 Free Flight Boost Gliders [long] (on newsgroup rec.models.rockets)
      Some sort of positive hook is needed, yet it must be designed to separate easily at ejection. Once[sic] common method is the "Piece X" or xerclod hook, where a rhombus hook is cut from the fuselage and attached to the pop pod.