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From 1980s Xeriscape, a term coined (and trademarked) by Denver Water. From xeric ‎(dry) + -scape ‎(type of space).



xeriscape ‎(plural xeriscapes)

  1. A kind of landscape design for arid regions, minimising the need for irrigation.
    • 1999Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon
      Randy looks up over the Impala and the retaining wall and the ice-clogged xeriscape above that and into the lobby of Waterhouse House, where Amy Shaftoe has her feet up on a coffee table and is looking through some of the extremely sad Cayuse-related literature that Randy bought for Avi.


xeriscape ‎(third-person singular simple present xeriscapes, present participle xeriscaping, simple past and past participle xeriscaped)

  1. To landscape in a water-friendly manner.

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