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xiphopagous (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Alternative form of xiphopagus
    • 1874 October 1, Robert P. Harris, “Historical and Analogical Record of the Siamese Twins”, in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences[1], volume 68, page 371:
      Operations upon Xiphopagous Twins
    • 1893 May 1, Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal[2], volume 64, page 305:
      Xiphopagous Twins aged three Years
    • 1904 December 31, British Medical Journal[3], page 1759:
      In a work on the Psycho-Physiology of Human Monstrosities, recently published, Drs. N. Vaschide and Cl. Vurpas have embodied the results of a close study of two monsters, one amencephalic, the other xiphopagous.