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yellowish +‎ -ly


yellowishly (comparative more yellowishly, superlative most yellowishly)

  1. With a colour resembling yellow.
    • 1873, John Soelberg Wells, A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye‎, Lindsay & Blakiston, p. 750:
      The skin becomes thinned and yellowishly discoloured at one point, gives way, and a large quantity of thick creamy pus escapes.
    • 2002, Richard Zenith (translator), Fernando Pessoa (author), The Book of Disquiet‎, →ISBN, p. 196:
      . . . a sky with every fading colour: blue-green, pale grey between green and blue, fuzzy hues of distant clouds that aren't clouds, yellowishly darkened by an expiring red.
    • 2004, Ross Thomas, Chinaman's Chance, →ISBN, p. 209:
      Ploughman silently studied the two men for a moment or two longer, then smiled yellowishly, opened a desk drawer, and brought out a bottle of Gordon's gin.