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yerb (plural yerbs)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of herb.
    • 1850, William Cullen Bryant, Letters of a Traveller[1]:
      "At the same time we got a yerb" (such was his pronunciation) "on the hills, which some call lion-heart, and others snake-head."
    • 1895, Charles Egbert Craddock, The Phantoms Of The Foot-Bridge[2]:
      When he ventured to sneeze, Mrs. Roxby compounded and administered a "yerb tea," a sovereign remedy against colds, which he tasted on compulsion and in great doubt, and swallowed with alacrity and confidence, finding its basis the easily recognizable "toddy."
    • 1911, Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, Brother Copas[3]:
      The ancients, by which I mean the Greeks, set amazin' store by the yerb.