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Alternative forms[edit]


From yester- +‎ morrow.


yester-morrow (plural yester-morrows)

  1. (archaic, poetic) A morrow (i.e. morning) of a previous day or time
    • 1961, Raymond Ellsworth Larsson, Book Like a Bow Curved:
      The nightwind, ah, nightwind shall fetch one the scent. O loves yester-morrows', regrets of the night! The nightingale's sorrow that ends with the light Brings, grieved, no love nearer, alas, to the sight. O loves yester-morrows', regrets of the night!
    • 1994, 2011, The Collected Poetry of J.A. Giunta, Volume II:
      An ordinary passing day, One much like yester-morrow, Shed its light in timeless gray And all its simple sorrow.
    • 2014, Doug Cariou, Once Upon an Island:
      I'll just put it back when I get home,” he thought, not at all suspecting it might be many long yester-morrows again before that might be so.