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From Old Irish íarn, from Proto-Celtic *īsarnom (compare Welsh haearn, Breton houarn), probably from Proto-Indo-European *h₁ēsh₂r̥no-(bloody, red), from *h₁ésh₂r̥((flowing) blood).


yiarn m (genitive singular yiarn, plural yiarnyn)

  1. iron
    • Bwoaill choud as ta'n yiarn çheh.‎ ― Strike while the iron is hot.
    • Ta magnaid tayrn yiarn.‎ ― A magnet attracts iron.
    • Ta'n yiarn jiarg.‎ ― The iron is glowing.
    • Vroill eh y skynn er y yiarn.‎ ― He hacked the knife on the iron.
  2. tool, scythe, blade (of scythe):
  3. (money) dough
  4. (money) tip

Derived terms[edit]


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