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From yoke + jocular Latin -ibus. Compare thingumajig.


enPR: yōkʹ-ĭ-bûs


yokibus (plural not attested)

  1. (Ireland, slang, dated) a strange thing; a thingumajig
    • 1961, Jack McQuillan, Dáil Éireann debates, Vol.189 no.1 p.17 cc.16-17 9 May 1961:
      With your permission, Sir, I propose to have this “yokibus” ["a badge bearing caricatures and words of a ludicrously stage-Irish nature"] made available in the Library so every Deputy will have an opportunity of seeing the way this country is being caricatured by the Government.
    • 1994 [set in 1929], Hugh Leonard, "Senna For Sonny", Plays International, Vol.10 p.38:
      O'HORAN: (Taking a rise:) You had invented a yokibus, your letter said, that was on a par with p'ison gas.