your all's

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From your +‎ all +‎ -'s, formed after you all.


your all's

  1. (colloquial, nonstandard) Belonging to the multiple persons being addressed.
    • 1982, United States Senate Committee on Finance, Tuition Tax Credit Proposals [1]
      And yet, your all’s close questioning goes right to the heart of the discrimination and everything else, and that’s the basis of their operation.
    • 1998, Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees [2]
      “Bless your all’s hearts,” she said. “Take good care.”
    • 2004, George Pelecanos, Soul Circus [3]
      “He might say somethin’ to our mother. I don’t want her stressin’ over me.”
      “I can understand that. We don’t need to be worryin’ your all’s moms.”