your good name

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1. Calque from Hindi aap ka shubh naam kya hai? ("what is your good name?").

2. A mark of respect in quaint English, such as "Tell me, my good sir, ..." or "...your good wife..."

Another way of saying, "...your honourable ..."


your good name

  1. (India) Your name.
    • 1972, Narinder Chadha, The drop out
      'That must be your nick name. But what's your good name ?' 'I ain't get any bad name only one name Goofy.' She laughs. 'It's a funny name for a man.'
    • 1998, Civacaṅkari, Knit India Through Literature: The East‎
      The man moved a little away and cleaned himself. "And your good name?" "You can call me Satyadas."
    • 2004, Michael Muhammad Knight, The taqwacores
      “What's your good name?” I asked him. “Marcos,” he replied.
    • 2004, James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger, Travelers' Tales India: True Stories‎
      What is your good name, sahib?
  1. (Ancient British English) Your name
    • 1838,, Bentley's Miscellany - Proceedings of the Wide Awake Club page 361
      '"Society ought to be proud of such men as you, Mr.-what is your good name, sir?'-'Phiggins, at your service.'