your good name

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Calque from Hindi aap ka shubh naam kya hai? ("what is your good name?").


your good name

  1. (India) Your name.
    • 1972, Narinder Chadha, The drop out
      'That must be your nick name. But what's your good name ?' 'I ain't get any bad name only one name Goofy.' She laughs. 'It's a funny name for a man.'
    • 1998, Civacaṅkari, Knit India Through Literature: The East‎
      The man moved a little away and cleaned himself. "And your good name?" "You can call me Satyadas."
    • 2004, Michael Muhammad Knight, The taqwacores
      “What's your good name?” I asked him. “Marcos,” he replied.
    • 2004, James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger, Travelers' Tales India: True Stories‎
      What is your good name, sahib?