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yum +‎ -o



  1. (informal) Yum; yummy.
    • 2001, Jennifer Rowe, Fairy tales for grown-ups:
      "Yummo! A maiden! Can I have a bit?" it asked Knight. "Certainly not," said Knight grumpily. "It's mine!"
    • 2003, Diane Morgan, Peter Medilek, Midnight munchies
      Use a spatula to lift the eggs from the pan one at a time, and flip over directly on top of the melted cheese. Yummo — eat now.
    • 2003, Mary-Ann Tirone Smith, She's not there
      "Mmm. Yummo." Fitzy told her to keep talking. She chewed, she swallowed, and then she had another forkful, talking the whole time.
    • 2008, Anthony William Brownless, Billy's Book for Blokes
      Check often to be sure beef is covered in liquid, adding more beer or water if necessary. Serve with rice and salad. Yummo!


yummo (not comparable)

  1. (informal) Yummy; delicious.
    • 1999, Tanya Dalgleish, Excel basic skills homework book: English and mathematics:
      Lunch was yummo today. Sammy gave us hot soup with little noodles, and roast lamb with big crunchy potatoes — I had three.
    • 2007, Neal Bedford, Simon Sellars, Jeremy J Gray, The Netherlands
      ...canal views and yummo lunches, like goat-cheese salads and Stellendam shrimps (seafood that's apparently very highly prized round these here parts).
    • 2008, Donna Wheeler, Simone Egger, Cath Lanigan, Jocelyn Harewood, Rowan McKinnon, Lonely Planet Melbourne and Victoria City Guide
      Back on the ground, take a yummo food-and-wine tour in a stretch limo...