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zepto- +‎ mole



zeptomole (plural zeptomoles)

  1. (chemistry, physics) One 10-21th part of a mole, or about 600 molecules of a substance, SI symbol: zmol.
    • 2002, Jeffrey Van Ness, "Present and Future of Tags and Labels in High Throughput Genomic Analysis", in Genomic Technologies: Present and Future: Functional Genomics Series (eds. D. J. Galas & S. J. McCormack), Caister Academic Press (2002), →ISBN, pages 144-145:
      It has been repeatedly shown that enzyme-derived ODN-based assays can detect as little as 50 zeptomoles of target DNA corresponding to about 25,000 molecules.
    • 2005, Beatriz Sanchez-Vega, "Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA: Biomedical Applications", in Medical Biomethods Handbook (eds. John M. Walker & Ralph Rapley), Humana Press (2005), →ISBN, page 109:
      The sensitivity of detection is in the range of zeptomoles []
    • 2008, Kewal K. Jain, The Handbook of Nanomedicine, Humana Press (2008), →ISBN, page 88:
      This scatter-based method enables detection of zeptomole quantities of nucleic acid targets []

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