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zigzag +‎ -er


zigzagger (plural zigzaggers)

  1. An attachment for a sewing machine allowing for zigzag stitches.
    • 1942 The Chemistry leaflet
      Join the pieces with overlapping seams and finish off by stitching with the zigzagger attachment.
    • 1954 Kiplinger's Personal Finance
      If a woman had the finest conventional sewing machine with all the attachments ever made, she could not do one tenth of the work that can be done on a modern zigzagger.
  2. Someone who zigzags; a person who makes rapid changes of direction, especially (figuratively) in opinion, policy etc.
    • 2005 William Safire - Before the fall: an inside view of the pre-Watergate White House
      That is what has long worried many people about Nixon: they saw him as the political man, the born trimmer, the zigzagger and flipflopper, the constantly moving target
    • 2006 John A. Hall, Ralph Schroeder - An anatomy of power: the social theory of Michael Mann
      As a self-avowed 'zigzagger' who works back and forth between historical particularities and sociological categories,
    • 2017, David Friend, The Naughty Nineties, Twelve Books:
      In the view of Greenberg and his colleagues, Clinton […] was a zigzagger who tailored his views to suit voters.