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From ZIP Code, an expired service mark of the system registered by the United States Postal Service.


zip code (plural zip codes)

  1. (US) A postal code, especially for addresses served by the US Postal Service, consisting of a five- or nine-figure number.
    Synonyms: zip, ZIP
    Hypernyms: postal code, postcode
    • 2009, Judy Root Aulette; Judith G. Wittner; Kristin Blakely, Gendered Worlds[1], Oxford University Press, →ISBN, page 351:
      90210 was a television show popular in the 1990s about a group of high school students and their families who all lived in the zip code 90210 in Beverly Hills, California, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles.
  2. (US, by extension) Any postal code.
    Synonyms: postal code, postcode
    • 1990, Alan Simpson; Paul Lichtman, The First Book of Lotus 1-2-3[2], H.W. Sams & Company, →ISBN:
      For example, the foreign zip code H24 JZL is most certainly not a number.
    • 2011, Jaime Reed, Burning Emerald, Kensington Publishing Corp., →ISBN, page 46:
      Carrying the package to the stairs inside, I noticed it was addressed to Mom and me with a European zip code and stamp.
  3. (sports, by extension) A grouping of athletes or teams with similar skill level.
    Wallace and Brewer are almost certain to finish 1-2 in some order – no one else is even in the same zip code.



zip code (third-person singular simple present zip codes, present participle zip coding, simple past and past participle zip coded)

  1. (transitive) To provide with, or allocate to, a zip code.

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