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zip +‎ -less, the figurative sense coined (as "zipless fuck") by Erica Jong in her novel Fear of Flying (1973).


zipless (not comparable)

  1. Without a zip fastener.
    • 1994, Jeff Torrington, Swing hammer swing!:
      "The patient was almost certainly saved by his zipless zoot suit," said a genial surgeon.
    • 2006, Anthony McDonald, Adam:
      No longer in muddy, zipless, trousers, Sylvain wore blue denims []
  2. (informal, figuratively) Without complications and hindrances.
    • 2002, Francisco Valdes, Jerome M Culp, Angela P Harris, Crossroads, Directions, and a New Critical Race Theory
      Erica Jong's words regarding the zipless encounter applied completely to my white classmates' actions on that school bus []
    • 2004, Jane Isenberg, Hot on the Trail:
      [] wedding planners who would check out venues, prices, caterers and all that stuff and then put it together for us, so it would be a zipless wedding.
    • 2007, James Day, Queer sexualities in French and Francophone literature and film:
      And yet this screen presence, going well beyond the literary, is the illusion that the world is like that, that sex is indeed zipless []

Derived terms[edit]