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Derived from Ancient Greek ζῦθος (zûthos, barley beer) + ἕψω (hépsō, to boil).


zythepsary (plural zythepsaries)

  1. (rare, obsolete) A brewery.
    • 1861, uncredited contributor, “Wandering Words” in All the Year Round, Volume 5, No. 106, 4 May, 1961, p. 144,[1]
      But the oddest things of all are to be found in the dictionaries. Why they are all kept there no one knows; but what man in his senses would use such words as zythepsary for a brew-house, and zumologist for a brewer []
    • 1937, Saturday Review of Literature - Volume 17, page 13:
      ...and we Employ the same old diastase In orgulous zythepsaries.
    • 1950, The Listener - Volume 43, page 451:
      Zythepsary equipment — there's a vast change nowadays!
    • 2001, Richard Flanagan, Gould’s Book of Fish, New York: Grove, “The Porcupine Fish,” VI, p. 121,[2]
      He was full of inkhorn words going so far as to call grog shops zythepsaries, which seemed several syllables too long to be uttered by any I had ever met within such places []

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