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प्रभु (prabhu)

  1. (Ved. also ऊ f (वी).) excelling, mighty, powerful, rich, abundant.
  2. more powerful than (abl.).
  3. having power over (gen.).
  4. able, capable, having power to (loc. inf. or comp.).
  5. a match for (dat.).
  6. constant, eternal.


प्रभु (prabhum

  1. master, lord, king (also applied to gods, e.g. to सूर्य and अग्नि RV.; to प्रजा-पति Mn.; to ब्रह्मा ChUp.; to इन्द्र R.; to शिव MBh.; to विष्णु L.)
  2. the chief or leader of a sect.
  3. a sound, word.
  4. quicksilver.
  5. name of a deity under the 8th मनु.
  6. name of a son of कर्दम.
  7. name of a son of शुक and पीवरी.
  8. name of a son of भग and सिद्धि.
  9. name of a poet.
  10. name of several other men HPariṡ.
  11. (°भ्वी f. Name of a शक्ति.)



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