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  • Kie·bitz, plural: Kie·bit·ze
  • IPA(key): ˈkiːbɪts, plural: IPA(key): ˈkiːbɪtsə

Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle High German gībitze, Middle Low German kivit and kiwit.


Kiebitz m (genitive Kiebitzes, plural Kiebitze)

  1. peewit / green plover / northern lapwing: Vanellus vanellus (bird)
  2. any bird of the Vanellus subfamily of medium-sized wading birds belonging to the family Charadriidae
  3. a type of ultralight airplane, Platzer Kiebitz
  4. a type of biplane, Focke Wulf S 24 Kiebitz

Etymology 2[edit]

A Rotwelsch word.


Kiebitz m (genitive Kiebitzes, plural Kiebitze)

  1. kibitz, kibitzer: person who watches a card or chess game, often disturbing those playing

Etymology 3[edit]

From the name of the lake.

Proper noun[edit]

Kiebitz m (genitive Kiebitzes, no plural)

  1. a natural recreational area around the lake Kiebitz in Brandenburg, Germany

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