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Alternative forms[edit]


cockscomb (plural cockscombs)

  1. The fleshy red crest of a rooster
  2. A red cap once worn by court jesters
  3. An annual garden plant, Celosia cristata, having showy red clusters of flowers
    • 1929, M. Barnard Eldershaw, A House Is Built, Chapter VII, Section xi
      She saw a square picture framed in the window, two whitewashed cottages each with a little winding path, a bed of red and yellow cockscomb, a sloping field, a row of gum-trees, a child in a blue sunbonnet carrying a basket.
  4. (archaic) A conceited dandy
  5. (nautical) A serrated cleat once fitted to the yards of a square-rigged ship and used when the sail was being reefed