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  1. English (language).



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Usage notes[edit]

  • In a simple question such as what is your mother tongue where the verb is the auxiliary OLLA (to be) the answer is in the nominative case.
    • Mikä on sinun äidinkielesi?
      • Englanti. (Context distinguishes the meaning to be the language English and not the country England)
  • In a question Do you speak [a language]? (and in the answer to it), the name of the language is in partitive case because the verb of action (speaking) is irresultative.
    • Puhutteko englantia?
      • Do you speak English?
    • Puhun englantia vain vähän, mutta saksani on erinomaista.
      • I speak English only a little, but my German is excellent. (Note: saksani is nominative and not partitive because of the auxiliary verb olla)
  • The expression in [a language] is translated with translative case:
    • Miten tämä sanotaan suomeksi?
      • How do you say this in Finnish?
  • The adjectives indicating the language of a text or speech are formed by putting the name of the language in genitive case and adding -kielinen:
    • Onko teillä englanninkielisiä sanomalehtiä?
      • Do you have any English-language newspapers?