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fracking (uncountable)

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  1. (oil industry) Hydraulic fracturing.
    • 2010, Andrew Chung, "Quebec between a rock and a hard place on gas from shale," Toronto Star, 25 July (retrieved 26 July 2010):
      Still, environmentalists look to the U.S., where drilling with fracking is now a “megatrend” and where thousands of wells dot the landscape in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Colorado. They worry about higher greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional natural gas—because of the energy used to get the gas—and water contamination.



fracking (not comparable)

  1. (slang, euphemistic, bowdlerization) Fucking.
    • 1991, James Whitehead, Joiner, ISBN 1557282048, page 79:
      He's a fracking hawk the likes of which Hopkins never imagined — he's a blue darter.
    • 2006 January, “Best Pentium Chipset”, page 27:
      As we said before, will someone please agree on a fracking dual videocard standard?
    • 2007, Jose Armando Perez, Betrayed? An Unscheduled Rendezvous, page 68:
      It was a fracking nightmare.