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From Old Swedish halda, halla, holda, holla, from Old Norse halda, from Proto-Germanic *haldaną. Further etymology uncertain; possibly from Proto-Indo-European *ḱel- (to hide, conceal).




  1. hold; grip
    Håll i pennan så här = Hold the pen like this
  2. hold; to cause to wait
    Håll hissen! = Hold the elevator!
  3. hold; arrange a social event, e.g. a party, a (larger) meeting or a conference
    Nästa års konferens kommer hållas i Rotterdam. = Next year's conference will be held in Rotterdam.
  4. keep
    1. restrain, restrict
    2. to fulfill (a promise)
    3. to remain in a good condition, not to get spoiled
    4. preserve
    5. (reflexive) stay
      Han höll sig inomhus när det var så kallt igår. = He kept indoors yesterday as it was so cold.
    6. to maintain, to keep from changing; to stop moving
      Håll temperaturen på en jämn nivå. = Keep the temperature at an even level.
    7. to raise animals (chiefly for food)
  5. to neither tear nor break; to remain in a functional condition
    Vasen höll trots att den föll i golvet = The vase didn't break although it fell to the floor


Usage notes[edit]

Alternative, but less accepted, form of the supine is "hållt"

Related terms[edit]