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From mikls (humid, moist) +‎ -ums.


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miklums m (1st declension)

  1. humidity, moisture, dampness (a certain amount of moisture (water, vapor) in some medium)
    Agnese sajuta viņa rokas vēso miklumu un riebumā nodrebēja — Agnese felt the cold dampness of his hands and trembled in disgust
    šī ir lietaina vasara... vakaros miklums ielien telpās un turas cauru nakti — this is a rainy summer... during the night the humidity crawls into the rooms and lasts throughout the night
  2. moisture, liquid (usually a small amount}}
    Kaspars pārvelk ar sauju pāri sejai; bārdas rugājos sakrājušies rasas pilieni, un viņa plaukstu apņem miklums, gluži kā asaras... — Kaspars wiped his face with his hand; on his beard stubble some dew drops had accumulated, and the moisture coated his hand, just like tears...