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From slapjš (wet) +‎ -ums.


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slapjums m (1st declension)

  1. wetness, moisture (a certain amount of liquid in a medium, or in a place)
    malka slapjums — the wetness, moisture of the firewood
    uz grīda ir slapjums — there is moisture on the floor
    augsnes slapjums ražas sadārdzina, kaitē tām — the wetness of the soil increases the cost of harvest, it damages it
    Bērzu gatve rudens slapjumā bija sajaukta dubļu dangās — the Birch alley in autumn wetness was mixed with mud in the ruts
  2. liquid (usually in relatively large amounts)
    slapjā vasara parādīja, ka drenētajos lauku masīvos veidojas lieli slapjumi — the wet summer showed that in the drained rural districts large wet, drenched areas (lit. large liquids) were formed
    es cepurē slauķu sviedrus... es atsedzu krūtis un pagriežu pieri pret vēju, lai slapjums uz miesas žūst ātrāk — I am wiping the sweat in (= with) (my) hat... I (will) expose (my) chest and turn my face against the wind, so that the wetness can disappear faster from (my) body
    “man liekas, jūs raudat” / “es nemaz neraudu; bet ko es varu darīt, ka tas slapjums tek?” — “I think that you are crying” / “I never cry; but can I do, when this liquid flows?”