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From morāle (moral(s), morality) +‎ -āls. Clearly not formed in Latvian, but borrowed as such from some other European language.


morāls (def. morālais, comp. morālāks, sup. vismorālākais; adv. morāli)

  1. moral (relating to morality)
    morāls faktors, spēksmoral factor, force
    morāls pienākumsmoral duty, obligation
    morāla problēmamoral problem
    morālas tiesībasmoral rights
    morāls pagrimumsmoral decay
  2. moral, ethical (following moral rules)
    cilvēka morālā vērtība — human moral value
    morāla skaidrībamoral clarity
    morāla atbildībamoral responsibility
    morāls cilvēksmoral person
    morāls dzīves veidsmoral way of life
  3. moral (relating to human spiritual or emotional life, guidance)
    morāls atbalstsmoral support


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