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From nabags (poor) +‎ -ība, with palatalization of g to dz.


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nabadzība f (4th declension)

  1. poverty (lack or scarcity of necessary things)
    nomācoša nabadzība — crushing poverty
    nabadzības sekas — the effects, consequences of poverty
    dzīvot, nokļūt nabadzībā — to live in, to sink into poverty
    izkļūt no nabadzības — to get out of poverty
    kaila nabadzība — naked (= very obvious) poverty
    laimīgs cilvēks var būt arī vislielākajā nabadzība un nelaimīgs - vislielākajā bagātībā — a happy person may also be in the greatest poverty, and an unhappy (one) - in the greatest wealth
    pēc tam Kaspars izmagāja bikšeles un lakatiņus un, uzkāris tos virs plīts, lādēja savu nabadzību — after that Kaspars washed the little pants and scarves and, having hung them over the stove, he cursed his poverty
  2. poverty (one's little money, few possessions, usually of bad quality)
    sestdienā Līze cepa karašas, Andris no savas nabadzības nopirka pusstopu — on Saturday Līze baked flatbread, (and) Andris from his poverty bought half a pint (of liquor)
    papriekš daži pulciņi atsevišķās grupās, nesdami sev līdzi visu savu bagātību un nabadzību — a little ahead (were) some people in separate groups, taking along all their riches and poverty
  3. poverty, scarcity (the quality of that which is poor, does not have enough of something)
    zivju nabadzība upēs — the poverty, scarcity of fish in the rivers
    faunas nabadzība — the poverty of the fauna
    valodas nabadzībapoverty of language
    dvēseles nabadzībapoverty (= shallowness) of (someone's) soul
    jūtu nabadzībapoverty (= primitiveness, insensitiveness) of feelings
    garlaicība ir gara nabadzības pazīme — boredom is a sign of spiritual poverty
    kafejnīcu iekārtojumā valda izdomas nabadzība — in the decoration of the cafe there was poverty of imagination




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