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Nams (1)
Kultūras nams (4)


From Proto-Baltic *namas, from *damas, from Proto-Indo-European *dṓm (house). The irregular d > n change in Baltic is attributed either to dissimilation (in expressions like darīt namu “to make a house”), or to influence from Iranic languages (compare Avestan [script needed] (nmāna, quarters, house) alongside [script needed] (dəmāna), suggesting the existence of an Iranian form *nam-). Another suggestion was that Proto-Baltic *nam- could come from *nm̥- < *dm̥, the zero grade form of Proto-Indo-European *dṓm. Yet another possiblity is the influence of the stem of words like Ancient Greek νέμω (némō, to tend, to distribute, to take to pasture), νομός (nomós, pasture; division, distribution; residence, dwelling). Cognates include Lithuanian nãmas, Old Church Slavonic домъ (domŭ), Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian дом (dom), Ukrainian дім (dim), Czech dům (genitive domu), Polish dom, Sanskrit दमः (dámaḥ), Old Armenian տուն (tun), Ancient Greek δόμος (dómos), Latin domus.[1]


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nams m (1st declension)

  1. house, building (esp. big, multy-storey, in the city)
    dzīvojamais nams — residential house
    daudzstāvu nams — multi-storey house
    vairākdzīvokļu nams — many-apartment house, building
    īres nams — rent house (= appartment building, i.e., a building with appartments to rent)
  2. house, location (of a celebration)
    kāzu nams — wedding house (= celebration)
    nama māte, namamāte — hostess (of a party, celebration)
  3. a famous or rich family
    Rotšildu nams — the house (= family) of Rothschild
  4. fairly large building, or part of a building, which usually has administrative, cultural, public or commercial functions
    zinātnes un tehnikas namsHouse of Science and Technology
    kultūras nams — House of Culture
    sporta nams — sports club
    mēbeļu nams — furniture house
    bērnu nams, bērnunams — children's home (= orphanage)
    Baltais nams — the White House



Derived terms[edit]


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  1. plural form of nam