post scriptum

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin post (after, behind) + scrīptum (text; something written).


post scriptum (always in italics or abbreviated)

  1. (rare or stilted) Written afterwards; appended.
    • 1839, George Gordon N. Byron, Life, letters and journals of lord Byron, with notes, [by T. Moore]
      Post Scriptum — Long as this letter has grown, I find it necessary to append a postscript ; if possible, a short one.
    • 1904, Ohio state medical society, Transactions of the First-fifty-ninth Annual Meeting
      Post Scriptum — I regret that time does not permit me to re-write and correct and condense the whole of this communication.
    • 2004, Susan Wise Bauer, The Story of the World
      Have you ever written “PS” at the end of a letter? If so, you've used Latin words. “PS” stands for the Latin words “post scriptum”, or “after the writing”.

Usage notes[edit]

Used to indicate a footnote at the end of a letter. Generally abbreviated as p.s., P.S. or PS.

Addenda following an initial post script are generally abbreviated p.p.s, P.P.S, or PPS - all indicating "post postscriptum."




post scriptum

  1. post scriptum



post scriptum

  1. After text, literary afterthought (at the end of any text).
  2. After the written part