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Alternative forms[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]

Partly from Middle English tas (heap), from Old French tas (heap), from Old Frankish *tas (mass, pile); and partly from Middle English taas (heap, mow of corn), from Old English tas (heap, mow of grain); both from Proto-Germanic *tasaz, *tassaz (heap, mow, stack), from Proto-Indo-European *dāy- (to divide, split, section, part, separate). Related to Middle Dutch tas, tasse (Dutch tas, heap, pile), Middle Low German tas (mow of hay or wheat), Gothic [script needed] (ungatass, disorganised, irregular); and possibly also to Old High German zetten (to straw, fertilise), Old Norse tað (spread dung). See tath. [script needed]


tass (plural tasses)

  1. (rare or obsolete) a heap, pile.

Etymology 2[edit]

Compare French tasse (cup, cupful).


tass (plural tasses)

  1. A cup or cupful.
    • 1824, Sir Walter Scott, Redgauntlet
      "Here, Dougal," said the Laird, "gie Steenie a tass of brandy down stairs, till I count the siller and write the receipt."




tass c

  1. a paw (animal's foot)
    (räcka) vacker tass
    give a paw
    Den sov på verandan med huvudet mot tassarna och svansen i en graciös sväng runt benen.
    It slept on the porch with its head on its paws and the tail graciously curled around the legs.
  2. (slang) a hand
    Bort med tassarna!
    Hands off! Paws off!


Related terms[edit]