twice as less

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twice + as + less.


twice as less (not comparable)

  1. (nonstandard, proscribed) half as much.
    • 1987, Eleanor Wilson Orr, Twice as Less, W. W. Norton & Co., page title:
    • 1995, Louise Corti, Heather Laurie, Shirley Dex, Highly Qualified Women, Great Britain. Dept. of Employment, page 18:
      Both men and women with higher qualifications were twice as less likely to be unemployed than their less qualified counterparts.
    • 2002, Claude R. Phipps editor, High-power Laser Ablation III, SPIE, page 415:
      But this two oncoming waves move with velocity approximately twice as less as previous component: [...]
    • 2011, Cai Jinfa, Eric J. Knuth editors, Early Algebraization: A Global Dialogue from Multiple Perspectives, Springer, page 83:
      The children also are able to construct a table to assist them in determining how many runs must be made by a truck and a trailer in order to transport 1080 tons of coal, if the truck can haul 30 tons per load and the trailer can carry twice as less coal per load.