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wash up (third-person singular simple present washes up, present participle washing up, simple past and past participle washed up)

  1. (UK, intransitive) To clean the utensils, dishes etc. used in preparing and eating a meal.
    Dinner has just finished, so go and wash up.
  2. (US, intransitive) To wash one's hands and/or face, often around mealtimes.
    Dinner is almost ready, so go and wash up.
  3. (intransitive, of water) To carry an object to land.
    The whale was washed up on the beach.
  4. Something or somebody that has once had it's peak of greatness far too long ago, and is now still being over used, over played, and is still pushed through the media, even though it's gotten extremely old, bland, worn out, and is just sad to still see around