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Possibly resulting from a rebracketing of abortion, interpreting a- as the indefinite article.


'bortion (countable and uncountable, plural 'bortions)

  1. Informal form of abortion.
    • 1988, T. J. MacGregor, Death Sweet, →ISBN, page 156:
      She woulda had a 'bortion, if she hadn't lost it. She was talkin' 'bout a 'bortion.
    • 2003, Linda M. Wall, You and Me, Mom: Because Two Are Better Than One, →ISBN:
      "What's a 'bortion, Mama?" she asked again. Mama let out a long breath. "Well . . . it's a way to keep a baby from being born."
    • 2008, Cheryl R. Jorgensen-Earp, In the Wake of Violence: Image & Social Reform, page 228:
      "The 'bortion bosses killed you, Paul, They poisoned you," says I.