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ʼá- (thematic) + -y- (3rd person object prefix) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -ł- (classifier, causative)-dįįh (imperfective stem of root -DĮĮD, “to disappear”).



  1. he/she/it is destroying it, getting rid of it, wiping it out, eliminating it, eradicating it


Paradigm: Momentaneous (Ø/si).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person áshdįįh íildįįh ádeiildįįh
2nd person áníłdįįh áłdįįh ádaałdįįh
3rd person ííłdįįh ádeiłdįįh
4th person ájíłdįįh ádajiłdįįh
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person áséłdįįd ásiildįįd ádasiildįįd
2nd person ásíníłdįįd ásoołdįįd ádasoołdįįd
3rd person íisdįįd ádeisdįįd
4th person ájísdįįd ádajisdįįd
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person ádeeshdįįł ádiildįįł ádadiildįįł
2nd person ádííłdįįł ádoołdįįł ádadoołdįįł
3rd person íidoołdįįł ádeidoołdįįł
4th person ázhdoołdįįł ádazhdoołdįįł
OPTATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person óoshdįįh óoldįįh ádaooldįįh
2nd person óółdįįh óołdįįh ádaoołdįįh
3rd person áyółdįįh ádayółdįįh
4th person ájółdįįh ádajółdįįh

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