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Alternative forms[edit]


From drept or from în + Vulgar Latin root *directāre, or from *indirectāre, from Latin dīrectus. Compare Aromanian ndreptu/ndriptedz, ndriptari.


  • IPA(key): /ɨn.drepˈta/
  • Rhymes: -a
  • Hyphenation: în‧drep‧ta


a îndrepta (third-person singular present îndreaptă or (rare or dated) îndreptează, past participle îndreptat1st conj.

  1. (transitive, literally) to straighten
  2. (transitive) to mend, correct, improve, recover
  3. (reflexive, of people or weather) to change oneself for the better
  4. (reflexive, obsolete, of an army) to reorganise
  5. (reflexive, dated) to recover after sickness
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:se însănătoși
  6. (reflexive, regional, cooperage; of the gaps between a new barrel’s staves) to fill in after the wood swells with moisture
  7. (transitive, obsolete, very rare) to excuse
  8. (reflexive, now formal) to head
  9. (transitive) to direct to a place
  10. (transitive) to point, direct, address something in a certain direction
    a își îndrepta privireato turn one’s gaze


Rare alternative conjugation with -ez:

Derived terms[edit]