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Alternative forms[edit]

  • ist (rare, popular, regional)


From Latin iste, either through the accusative istum or a popular (Vulgar Latin) form *istus. Compare Italian esto ‎(older form).


ăst m, n ‎(feminine singular astă, masculine plural ăști, feminine and neuter plural aste)

  1. (informal, uncommon, literary, popular) this



Usage notes[edit]

Not commonly used anymore outside of a literary and/or popular regional context; rather, the variant ăsta is used more often. Functions as a demonstrative adjective when used in front of a noun. Use ăsta when as a pronoun (or adjective/demonstrative as well, in which case it goes after the noun).

ăst student‎ ― this student
astă femeie‎ ― this woman

Also used in certain compositions such as astăzi ‎(today), astă-seară ‎(this evening), astădată ‎(this time), astă-vară ‎(last summer), astă-noapte ‎(last night) etc.

Derived terms[edit]

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