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Alternative forms[edit]

  • chu (H-system spelling)
  • cxu (X-system spelling)


From Polish czy, Ukrainian чи (čy) or the related Yiddish צי(tsi).


  • IPA(key): [t͡ʃu]
  • Audio:
  • Hyphenation: ĉu



  1. (interrogative particle) introduces a yes-no question
    Ĉu neĝas hodiaŭ?
    Is it snowing today?
  2. whether, if
    Mi ne certas, ĉu li amas min.
    I'm not sure if he loves me.
  3. Transforms a sentence into a tag question or similar when added to the end of a sentence
    Vi ne manĝas viandon, ĉu.
    Oh, so I see you don't eat meat, do you.
  4. (ĉu ... ĉu) whether ... or
  5. (ĉu ... aŭ ne) whether ... or not

Usage notes[edit]

Ĉu as a tag question marker is a shortening of the sentence ender ĉu ne, but carries a slightly different connotation and seems to be a relatively new invention, from the 1990s onwards.