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Via some other European language (probably Germanic; cf. Old Norse írar, Old English Īras, German Ire), ultimately from Old Irish Ériu (Ireland) (Irish Éire).


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īrs m (1st declension, feminine form: īriete)

  1. an Irishman
    tikties ar īriemto meet with Irishmen
    īri ir viena no Eiropas nācijām, kas cēlusies no ķeltiemthe Irish are one of the nations of Europe that descend from the Celts
    Džordžs Bernards Šovs, pēc tautības īrs, dzimis DublināGeorge Bernard Shaw, by ethnicity an Irishman, was born in Dublin
  2. (genitive plural) Irish, pertaining to Ireland and its people
    īru valodathe Irish language
    īru literatūraIrish literature


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