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Via other European languages, ultimately from Latin alchēmia, from Arabic اَلْكِيمِيَاء(al-kīmiyāʔ), from Ancient Greek χυμείᾱ (khumeíā, art of alloying metals) (which contains the suffix -είᾱ (-eíā), Latvian -ija).


ķīmija f (4th declension)

  1. chemistry (science that studies the composition, properties, structure and changes of substances)
    analītiskā ķīmijaanalytical chemistry
    teorētiskā ķīmijatheoretical chemistry
    neorganiskā ķīmijainorganic chemistry
    organiskā ķīmijaorganic chemistry
    fizikālā ķīmijaphysical chemistry
    ķīmijas laboratorijachemistry laboratory
    ķīmijas institūtschemistry institute
  2. chemistry (the corresponding school subject)
    ķīmijas klasechemistry class
    ķīmijas stundachemistry lesson
  3. (usually with a modifying genitive noun) chemistry (practical use of the laws and discoveries of this science)
    lauksaimniecības ķīmijaagricultural chemistry
    mašīnbūves ķīmijachemical engineering


Derived terms[edit]