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From Punic 𐤒𐤓𐤀(qrʾ).


ɣer (intensive aorist yeqqar, aorist iɣer, preterite yeɣra, negative preterite yeɣri)

  1. to read
    Qqareɣ adlis.
    I'm reading a book.
  2. to study
    Teɣra taεrabt.
    She studied Arabic.
  3. to call
    Qqaren-yas Kamal.
    His name is Kamal.
    (literally, “They call him Kamal.”)

Usage notes[edit]

  • The intensive aorist is also found with the stem -ɣɣar- instead of -qqar-, especially when used to mean "call".
  • The intensive aorist of this verb can be suppleted into the paradigm of ini (to say).
  • The verb, when used as an introduction to a person's name, is inflected in the third-person plural masculine, and the person being named incurs the corresponding indirect object affix on the verb.


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