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гъэхъун (ġăχ°n) (transitive)

  1. to make it happen
  2. to turn someone or something to
    сэ к1алэр л1ыу сыгъэхъогъ — I turned the boy to a man.
    дахэу уызгъэхъут — I will turn you to pretty.
    кӏалэм нэкъгъэхэр дахэу егъэхъух — The boy is turning the flowers to pretty flowers.
    гъожьырэ шъухъуантӏэрэ зэхэбхьагъэхэмэ уыушъоу мэхъут — If you mix yellow and blue, I will become green.
  3. to make someone or something appear suddenly (Usually said about people that came from nowhere or people that appeared by a teleport).
    кӏалэм пшъашъэр унэм къыригъэхъуагъ — The boy made the girl to appear inside the house (The boy teleported the girl inside the house).
  4. to grow plants (to make plants "appear")
    кӏалэм нэкъгъэхэр егъэхъух — The boy is growing the flowers.

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