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From Proto-Slavic *toplъ (in South Slavic), cognate with Old Church Slavonic топлъ (toplŭ), Macedonian топол (topol), Serbo-Croatian tȍpao. In other Slavic branches, the lemma is encountered with e-grade vocalism: e.g. Russian тёплый (tjóplyj), Polish ciepły.

Formally comparable with Bulgarian топо́ла (topóla, poplar) and Bulgarian те́пам (tépam, to beat, to bash), but the genetic relation between them is questionable.



то́пъл (tópǎl) (adverb то́пло, abstract noun топлота́ or топлина́)

  1. warm (having a temperature slightly higher than usual, but still pleasant)
  2. warm (being something that causes warmth)
  3. warm (having a color in the red-orange-yellow part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum)
    то́пли цветове́tópli cvetovéwarm colors, hues
  4. (of the weather) mild
  5. affectionate, cordial, hearty, warm, genial, kindly


Derived terms[edit]


  • топъл in Rečnik na bǎlgarskija ezik (Institut za bǎlgarski ezik)
  • топъл in Rečnik na bǎlgarskija ezik (Čitanka.Info)