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Classical Syriac[edit]


Compare Arabic ذِرَاع ‎(ḏirāʿ); Hebrew זְרוֹעַ ‎(zərṓaʿ).


  • IPA(key): [d(ə)rɑʕɑ(ʔ)] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [d(ə)rɑʕe(ʔ)] (plural)


ܕܪܥܐ ‎(dərāʿāʾm ‎(plural ܕܪܥܐ)

  1. (anatomy) arm, upper arm; elbow; shoulder
  2. forequarter
  3. cubit, ell
  4. sleeve
  5. armrest, side brace
  6. first guest


Usage notes[edit]

This word is masculine, despite the tendency in Semitic languages for body parts that come in pairs to be feminine.


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