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Classical Syriac[edit]


From the root ܦ-ܛ-ܪ(p-ṭ-r); compare Arabic فَطِير(faṭīr). The sense of "Passover" is a calque of Ancient Greek τὰ ἀζύμα (tà azúma).


  • IPA(key): [patˤtˤirɑ(ʔ)] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [patˤtˤire(ʔ)] (plural)


ܦܛܝܪܐ (transliteration neededm (plural ܦܛܝܪܐ, singular feminine counterpart ܦܛܝܪܬܐ‎)

  1. unleavened, azymous
  2. fresh, raw
  3. (of skins or hides) untanned
  4. (figuratively) sincere



ܦܛܝܪܐ (transliteration neededm (plural ܦܛܝܪܐ)

  1. unleavened bread


Proper noun[edit]

ܦܛܝܪܐ (transliteration neededm

  1. (Christianity, in the plural) Passover, Easter; Lord's Supper


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