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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *Hantár (between), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁(e)nter (between). Cognates include Latin inter (between, under), Oscan 𐌀𐌍𐌕𐌄𐌓 (anter, between), Old Irish eter (between) and Old High German untar (between).


अन्तर् (antár)

  1. within, between, amongst, in the middle or interior
  2. (with locative) in the middle, in, between, into
  3. (with accusative) between
  4. (with genitive) in, in the middle
  5. (at the end of a compound) in, into, in the middle of, between, out of the midst of

Usage notes[edit]

Is sometimes compounded with a following word like an adjective, meaning "interior", "internal", "intermediate".

Related terms[edit]


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