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Learned borrowing from Sanskrit अपराधिन् (aparādhin, adjective), equivalent to अपराध (aprādh, crime, offence) +‎ -ई (). First attested as Old Hindi अपराधी (aparādhī).


  • (Delhi Hindi) IPA(key): /əp.ɾɑː.d̪ʱiː/, [əp.ɾäː.d̪ʱiː]


अपराधी (aprādhī) (indeclinable, Urdu spelling اَپْرادِھی‎)

  1. criminal, offender, sinner, guilty, faulty


अपराधी (aprādhīm or f (Urdu spelling اَپْرادِھی‎)

  1. criminal; sinner
    Synonym: मुजरिम (mujrim)


NOTE: This term is declined masculine or feminine according to the gender of the referent.

Usage notes[edit]

Normally अपराधी (aprādhī) is only used for both genders, but the word अपराधिनी (aprādhinī, female criminal) exists and may be used more formally.

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Old Hindi[edit]


Learned borrowing from Sanskrit अपराधिन् (aparādhin).


अपराधी (aparādhīm

  1. sinner
    • c. 1420, Kabir 221.0:
      माधौ मै ऐसा अपराधी, तेरी भगति होत नहीं साधी
      mādhau mai aisā aparādhī, terī bhagati hota nahīṃ sādhī

Further reading[edit]

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